"What a Tangled Web We Weave..." NYArts Magazine Vol. 8 N.4 (April 2003) pg. 80.

Increasingly, we find the twists and turns of our collective imagination escaping the traditional bounds of canvas, novel, stage and film to be displayed on-line in the form of easily accessed Websites. Presented here for your edification and amusement is a selection of sites whose union is as random as the matrices of undulating 1's and 0's that form their infrastructure. Some funny, some artistic, some just plain ridiculous, most of the sites here are animation based or posting hubs that you can contribute to if you are so inclined.

Commentary: from the guys and gals at monobrow.com: "Did you know that this year alone, 6 million Americans will be diagnosed with monobrow-liosis? These people will go to bed each night, with only one eyebrow. That's only 50% as many eyebrows as their fellow Americans. For too many years these monobrothers and sisters have lived in the shadows. Not because they are shunned in society, but because their goliath eyebrows are blocking the sun. For too many years they have been the butt of cruel jokes muttered under breath by coworkers in the office break room, ‘Say is that guy single? His freakin' eyebrow sure is.' Or fodder for the vicious jibes of a drunken reveler, ‘I'd introduce you to your eyebrows, but I can see they've already met.' Ha, ha. Well now there's a place where they won't be made fun of. Monobrow.com is more than a website, it's a meeting place for all our brothers and sisters who suffer from an ‘intervening hairline.'Through a series of forehedge affirming seminars such as ‘Your Monobrow and You: Less is More.'and ‘Living With Your Monobrow: Don't Tweeze to Please,' these monobros and sisters are learning to celebrate the unity of their eyebrows."

Commentary: This is the image repository for New York based hip chick/artist Shelly Scott. Photos documenting her travels through the underground dance party scenes of San Francisco and New York are here along with her graffiti inspired art and design. The link to prate.com is not be missed either.

Commentary: In case you haven't heard of him: "Joshua Davis is a New York artist and technologist producing both public and private work on and off the Web. This site was the winner of the 2001 Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica in the category "Net Excellence", the highest honor in international net art and design. He is currently an instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and lectures globally on his work, inspirations and motivations." He also did the original "Artport Mapmaker" for the Whitney Museum's portal to net art and digital arts. Look at what he's up to currently; even email his new child.

www.rawpowerad.com (now magicbutter.com)
Commentary: The last website by these Flash animation geniuses (bullseyeart.com) featured some of the funniest and weirdest cartoons I've ever seen. Rawpowerad.com is their new site. It features the full array of their animation and design work. I recommend "The Legend of Rectum Fire" and "Miss Muffy". They're also responsible for "Queer Duck" on Showtime. This stuff is hilarious through and through.

Commentary: This is a website for the group show "Homeland Security" that happened at 450 Broadway Gallery in late January of this year. Images and writings from the artists and gallery attempt "to speak to issues of willful ignorance, escapism, and a lack of reality concerning evil..." among other things to quote their press release. It is presented here because I curated the show and I'm a shameless self promoter so Nyah! Check out Kia Neill's "Cherry Pie".

Commentary: Chicago based artist Jeremiah Ketner's work can be seen in all it's diminutive and spherical glory here. Small and Round you say? What does that mean? For Ketner I think it means Japanese pop art influenced imagery; fresh, dreamy, and hopelessly pastel. Version 3.0 was just completed.

Commentary: See art by the formerly Columbus based art collective "The Cheese House". Composed of a gang of college friends (me included) our modus operandi is scattered around paranoid visions, scatological emissions, and depressed revisions. Sections include artists pages for each member, special projects, print work, news and Greg Shirilla's "Monatliche Kacke" project. Not to be missed: Dave Phillips's section. He's your typical "mad bomber genius in a trailor in the middle of Ohio". Also, look at the "Blab" section to see how we fight with each other.

Commentary: Funny, weird, and endless in supply, this collection of artist submissions range in media from video to audio to flash animation to games to jpegs. All are pure entertainment. Where else can you see Smurfette lick Papa Smurf's ass (in "The Smurf's Lost Episode" by Double G Productions) ? Or play a game where you are led through a war with Iraq from G.W.'s perspective (Gulf War 2: aka World War 2.5 by Idleworm)? Or listen to midi files of everything from 2Pac's "Until the End of Time" to "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" (the Nintendo classic) theme song?

Commentary: This message board based site where members (it's free to join) can post images and animations runs "Challenges" with themes like "Crap Superhero" and "Dog's with Funny Noses". Most submissions are wildly creative and hilarious. Join and add your own madness to the frenzy. The links to longer animations and odd websites will keep you entertained for hours. (Check out the Domo Darko real video file to see what I mean).