"And The Fields Have Turned Brown" by Jim Wright

"Sumthin Bout Dat Show at Rare Gallery a Jim Wright's Paintin's..." NYArts Magazine Vol. 9. (March/April 2004) N. 3/4 pg.39.

            Damn. You know, I wuz in a hills a West Ver-Gin-I-A for most a thuh Chrissmus season hangin out with my folks n my buds, getting high, drankin and sleepin and forgettin about all duh bullshit that gets in my hed frum ridin dem subwuays and dealin with all m assholes in New York only to cum back up here needin sumthin to write about for iss here art magazine.
            I ain't had no ideas. Not fer quite sum time. An'a course I put it off till the last minit. Ain't seen no good art neither cuz assept dem hills (boy dem hills shore is purty.) thay just ain't got nun uh dat FINE ART down der in the South. So I went up to old fancy pants land in Chelsea to see whut I could turn up to make fun of and I ran into this killer show at Rare Gallery.
            It wus fuuuuuuked up dude! I saw them pitures by Jim Wright and dey wus coo man. I mean really coo man. Ya'll gotta check iss shit out.
            Der was a house paintin what looked juss like uh house out old Four Pole Creek Road! Like on da Adkins propurty! Near Barboursville you know! It was called "And the Fields Have Turned Brown" Cuz they do man! In duh fall them fields up and turn brown! I ain't never seen home look so good! Sheeit.
            Anyways, I really liked dat piture. But he made a cooler one of them Ghost Busters catchin them ghost Amps over top of that black metal guy split in half on the floor of that livin room. Reminded me of that time Me n ol Rob and Les took all at acid and watched them stars floatin all over the livin room in JU-ly. It was just like them little KISS heads floatin' all around them Ghost catchin streams in at pitchur. Shit.
            But I tell you what really got me rememberin all the SY-Coe-Dellic drugs I took was that paintin "Fuzz Love in The Tub". Shit, all them purty colors sprayin out a that rock show and every single one a them people in duh audience was in n old barrel hot tub. Like they wus floatin down the O-High-O River only it wuz made of colurs. Damn that shit was good. I bet 'dem people wus havin fun at night. I feel bad for yall if yall missed it. I feel good for ya'll who saw it. And if yall didn't like it at all then yall just need a vacation in the woods near where I was raised up an' you'll understand juss how cool it can be to smoke a joint, go to a concert and afterwards do it to a purty country girl while you watch Ghostbusters in a trailer in Boone County. Hey! at's just whut dat show made me thank of. I ain't tryin to be onery er nuthin. Juss honest.
            I heard Ole Jim was a right purty music player too. Shit. If he plays at geetar as good as he makes dem paintin's hes gonna be a country music star just like ol Skynerd or Hank Williams.
            Good job dude. At's all... Laiter.