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"Dewanatron: Science Beat"
(Zoo Magazine. No.11 2006)

"Mike Kelley: After School"
(Zoo Magazine. No. 11.2006

"Sensory Overload"
Larry Mantello at at Kustera Tilton Gallery
(Zoo Magazine. No. 10. 2006)

"Jealousy and Resistance"
(Zoo Magazine. No. 09. 2006)

"5 Words with Ian MacKaye
and Ivan Wittenstein"
(Ducts.org. Issue 16. Winter 2005-06)

"Pervasive Fusion:
Jeff Soto & Tristan Eaton at Fuse Gallery
(NYArts Magazine. March/April 2005)

"Rider Project 2004"
(NYArts Magazine. Jan/Feb 2005)

"Tongue Points The Way to
September's Destiny:
Pipilotti Rist at Luhring Augustine"
(NYArts Magazine. Nov/Dec 2004)

"Josh Graham on Neurosis'
A Sun That Never Sets DVD"
(NYArts Magazine. Sept/Oct 2004)

"Kingfisher Projects Packs
A Punch at Mother Nature"
(NYArts Magazine. July/Aug 2004)

"Takashi Murakami Talks
About Tokyo Girls Bravo"
(NYArts Magazine. May/June 2004)

"At Play With Lance Dehne"
(NYArts Magazine. (March/April 2004)

"Sumthin Bout Dat Show at
Rare Gallery a Jim Wright's
(NYArts Magazine. March/April 2004)

"Breaking Wind Over
Breaking News"
(NYArts Magazine. Jan/Feb 2004)

"Gary Panter & Christian Schumann-
Energy Regulation: A Review"
(NYArts Magazine. Nov/Dec 2003)

"Mark Mothersbaugh:
(NYArts Magazine. Sept/Oct 2003)

"Lance Dehne's Delivery"
(NYArts Magazine. June/Aug 2003)

"War Culture"
(NYArts Magazine. June-Aug 2003)

"Working Class Heroes?"
(NYArts Magazine. May 2003)

"What a Tangled Web We Weave..."
(NYArts Magazine. April 2003)

"Artist's Chat"
(NYArts Magazine. March 2003)