"Grotesque Banalities and Trite Repulsions" (GBTR for short) is what I call the paintings and drawings I have been working on since 2005. GBTR is a catalog of some of the endless facets of my Self, in all its tasteless, catastrophic, vicious and vulnerable majesty.

This is no mere self-deprecating, self-portraiture project though. GBTR is an undisciplined, anarchic investigation of an irrational interiority. More precisely put, these images are an earnest but imaginative attempt at describing my uniquely poetic constellation of being.

Shifting subject from piece to piece, the work is a hyperbolic portal/mirror, mutating form as the media makes me. I am earthworm tentacled, a rotting-fleshtopus in a sewer forest. I am Hermaphrodite Werewolf Robot posing on a blue photo backdrop. I am a Boo Berry-faced Yeti presenting you a holy heart made of shit. I am an anonymous every-man, head exploding after a tough day at work. I am pigs, puking cartoon vomit at the heavens. I am the nauseous raging muscle man blasting off with flame legs in a tidal wave of shit, cartoon couple below be damned. And on and on...