Orgasimon, oil on canvas, 60"x 60" 2001.

"Dimsum" by Jason Rulnick for NYArts Magazine Vol. 5 N.11 (Nov 2000) pg.77.

Dim Sum at 450 Broadway Gallery

Featured Chefs: Katrina Balling, Matthew Bourbon, Asya Geisberg, Todd Kelly, Eric Porter, Jorge Quiroz, Gene Schmidt, Bradd Skubinna, Aaron Zimmerman.

Moving here from the west coast where Dim Sum looks slightly different, at the root, we can agree Dim Sum functions as a sort of quick appetizer. The artists have made the plate of food, our job being to consume. In general, the Dim Sum satisfied and left room for more. In a casual sampling provided by recent SVA/MFA friends, the ideas continue to meet materials after the training has ceased. Appetizers like Chicken-Ass: slick oil on enamel, Orgasimon: digital enhancement via thick oil on canvas, and Sculpture Care Kit: a near clown chest of waxes and polish, easily reveal approach and manipulation in several different media, wrapped in T.L.C. and generous artistic humor.

How would you set out to evaluate the completeness or solidarity of a group show? At 450, the sum of Dim Sum was a little crowded, 10 artists in a group show, a miniature art space being maxed out, you could see the work fight for attention. The space, as a plate that served the appetizer, allowed figuring out your favorite recipes among the menu with hope to see full entrees from the artists in the future, or at least still be back on the menu. If you are one of these artists you're probably ready to break from the start-up pack and be involved in the next step. Whether you're making the scene or waiting for a break, competition will be a prevalent ingredient. The recipe could be the same, but it's contents reduced to just meat, be it mixed media or sesame tofu. THIS WAS NOT A SHOW OF FOOD.

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