This all started as a premonition in the fall of 1996:


I repeated it tongue-in-cheek to others who thought I was crazy. A year later I got cable and the premonition's significance became real. The Cartoon Network's daily showings of the Smurfs, Care Bears, Transformers, Thundercats, et al., reunited me with scores of long forgotten friends.

Being a child in 1980's America I absorbed a constant stream of cartoons. Seeing them again as a young adult, post BFA in painting, exposed me to forms and content that seemed really fresh. I began interpreting them immediately. At first only complete appropriation was necessary. But a filtering process developed.

I start with VCR screen grabs to isolate images. The right one has a form or a meaning that makes it true at that moment. After it is "grabbed" I restructure it in Photoshop. The result is used to guide an indulgence in paint mixed to a buttery consistency. I brush it considerately on canvas and hem it with black line.

The process filters painting through cartoons and cartoons through painting by alternations of sampling, inventing and obscuring. I want to make something no one has seen before from something everyone has seen through a method that shadows the original context by isolating form or selectively details each image to match source material.

I am not satisfied with the results but the effect thus far is a group of paintings that each has their own identity as united by the context of cartoons. The reason for my persistent fascination lies in an elasticity, availability and variety that seems never ending. So Cable TV has saved my life by giving me a source for images that is virtually eternal. I am just starting to fathom and execute the possibilities.


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